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Vehicle Tracking system for Passengers in Tejas Tours and Travels

Bangalore is the Hifi metropolitian city in India. Here every one is comfortable with the technologies to makes their life simple and easier. Tejas Tours and Travels from Bangalore add GPS – Vehicle Tracking system facility in all their transport vehicle.


Why Vehicle Tracking Sytem

A small hardware device  mounted inside the Tejas car, bus,TT, mini bus. The device is actually connnected with GPS and wireless communication capabilities that transfers all relevant information from vehicle to the fleet management center. It gives you straight answers to the questions like:

  1. where did the vehicle drive?
  2. where did it stop ?
  3. how fast did it drive ?
  4. over speed ?
  5. how many kilometers did it make?

How vehicle Tracking Sytem Useful to both Tejas travels and their Customers

This tracking system is the live wire, we can access any where and any time, We can have the record of past history and the details of the passengers travel. Communication mismatching would not happen between drivers and passengers and also we will get benfits like

Reduction of

  • Working hours
  • Idle time cost
  • Fuel costs
  • Vehicle thefts
  • Insurance expenses
  • Communication with the driver expenses

Increase of

  • Delivery speed
  • Level of organization
  • Transport reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Work discipline
  • Business Productivity

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