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minibus rental bangalore

Minibus happens to be an excellent mode of transportation. Those of you seeking to travel by minibus can find it fun within the city for sightseeing and touring around the major attractions with friends and family. You might as well use a minibus for rent to travel to places near Bangalore. However, long journeys on minibuses are not so comfortable. Yet a great means for those people who want quick transport to the wedding venue, for a temple visit, and even to catch up for some celebration. They can choose to commute to those places as it fits a large group of people and get them to their destination at affordable pricing.

 What makes you choose a minibus

 You will find that it is the cheapest and most convenient method of transportation. Minibus travel near me is affordable, safe, and reliable, and you make use of them to explore new places. With advanced features, minibuses have better amenities, such as better-cushioned seatings that allow you to tilt the chair and relax during travel. There is now AC for the commuter to enjoy cool air during the hot summer days and escape from the pollution outside. There are also tinted windows and a lot of legroom for you to sit back and enjoy the journey.

Why is a minibus so dependable

Going on the crowded city roads and bylanes to explore, and why waste it in a bigger loco? You need a vehicle that easily could manoevere and make through those conditions and get you to your destination without any hassle. Hiring a bigger bus would be a lot of expenditure, so when you could fit in a group of people just right when you opt for a minibus rent in Bangalore and have fun. When you think of safety, cost-effectiveness and comfort, a minibus fits your bill and gets you on your journey of exploring in no time.

While travelling by minibus, you can follow these tips for the commuter to make your journey comfortable.

Carrying a large number of bags will not allow space for sitting or enough legroom as the there aren’t many places for string luggage. Hence carrying a small backpack or bag will suffice as minibuses aren’t so much for longer journeys across states and regions.

Since a minibus for rent is for shorter distances like sightseeing and touring the cityscapes, the commuter would like to carry their own water and light refreshments on the journey. It would help through the tour, which may be more than just a couple of hours.

Having charged phone as you can record the places you see, capture your journey on a 21 seater minibus and make those memories that could be shared and looked up several times. You could also let your friends and family know your whereabouts.

Those having health conditions and needing medications should carry with them an emergency kit which will come in handy if a situation arises. These may contain EpiPens, insulin, painkillers, aspirin etc. 

Tips on how to choose a minibus through a travel agency

If you choose a reputed and reliable travel agency for travel and pick a minibus for rent in Bangalore for the commute, you will definitely have a licensed driver who is experienced and trained for the tours that you pick, whether it is sightseeing or a tour of the city or visit to the nearby location. They also efficiently transport guests to weddings, corporate events, and other such occasions. They are courteous and reportedly know every route of the city to make your journey easy and fun.

Valuing one’s safety is important, and hence choosing a reliable travel agency which vehicles with permits will ensure that your travel is not bogged down by legalities. Non-registered vehicles or not having permits can often ruin a joy trip that you want to cherish. These are important papers that the driver should always carry with him. The traveller is assured of taking the trip and not worrying about such matters.

A shabby and not maintained 21 seater minibus that has seats, torn, cracked windows or unclean floor of the vehicle happens to be repulsive for any commuter. Hence a clean and well-maintained vehicle is a big draw for travellers who seek to enjoy their ride. Also, noisy and too much smoke from the engine and rickety rides aren’t what you want to pay for. Hence a conditioned vehicle with good amenities can be the calling card for travel agencies to get customers on board.

Many travel agencies have flexible packages to accommodate places you want to add to your travel list. These are then finalized. However, they perhaps wouldn’t entertain last-minute additions, which can disrupt the schedule. Check if the travel agency has packages that suit your travel plans or if they are ready to customize them as you would prefer.

The minibus rate per km package prices are decided, and how much the cost can be negotiated. Each agency has its own policy of calculating the price,  wherein the package is inclusive of driver’s fees, overtime allowance, tolls and taxes etc. which eventually have to borne by the commuter. The agency may decide on the price per km, the number of hours or even the fuel cost. After you have decided on the travel plans and the places you want to check out with the agency and get down to the timings, drop and pick up details are noted down.

After going through the number of tips, a traveller shouldn’t back down on the trip and think it is hard work to find the right minibus. The amount as well can be not as high when choosing to book


Travelling in a minibus and finding the right agency shouldn’t deter you, as you can now book one easily online without having to step out of your house and finalize your trip package. You will receive a quote with the timing s and schedule sent to you beforehand. Even the payment can be made online on the prescribed modes suggested by the travel agency.

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