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Tips for traveling with children among the COVID-19 outbreak

Traveling with your family can be excellent, however it can also be quite a challenge. For travelling during coronavirus situation, it is essential to stick to the rules of following hygiene and social distancing. From wearing masks, hand cloves, using sanitizers often to forbearing from touching surfaces and keeping safe distances from others, we people must follow all precautionary measure to make sure a safe travel. We as grownups, not worry to omit the necessary steps at times. No wonder, toddlers can be more prostrate to making mistakes. When you are travelling along with your children on a trip amid the pandemic, ensure to train them cautiously to intensify their awareness of the coronavirus, so that kids can proactively safe-conduct themselves.

Here are a few general tips that will help you travel safely with your kids during the COVID-19 situation:

Educate kids about the current scenario before the trip

Spend few minutes prior to your journey to sit with your kids and know them on the essential to take precautions against COVID-19 outbreak. Make them aware of the prejudices effects of the virus. If required, note down in points the safety measures they have to take during the journey and assist them in memorizing the notes.

Clean Surfaces before Sitting

Before sitting on any surfaces, ensure not to forget to wipe the surface with a tissue and sanitizer. Waste the tissue immediately after use and sanitize your hands for the next time.

Use Only Clean Washrooms

Ensure that you and your kids use washrooms that are well clean. Make use a spray sanitizer to disinfect surfaces which you or your child might come in contact. Clean your kids’ hands thoroughly after they come out of the washrooms. It’s best to avoid using public rest rooms or washrooms at the time of pandemic.

Avoid children buying outside Food or Beverage

When travelling, try to carry home-cooked food and try not to get carried away by your kids’ tantrums when they request for outside food. Particularly, keep them away from crowded shops. Also, ensure that you sanitize their hands before eat. When you feeding them, ensure you apply sanitizer on your hands.

Carry a First-Aid kit

Carry a lot of vitamins and other nutrients in our kids’ diet to improve their immune systems, so that kids do not catch infections easily. But for emergency needs, you must get a first-aid box having cold and flu combating medicines, anti-allergens, sprain-relief gels, Band-Aids, etc. Also, carry a thermometer to monitor your or kid’s temperature whenever you feel required.

Keep Extra Masks and Gloves

Keeping additional masks or cloves are always safe for you and your kids. If you are on a long travel, you might not get any chance to wash your masks. During those times, the extra masks will come to help. Also, do carry extra hand sanitizers. Try to opt for the ones that are alcohol-based, since they are stronger and kill more germs. Also, keep handy of a disposable gloves, as it won’t be always much possible to stop your kids from touching surfaces.

Use Your Own Cosmetics

While travelling, carry your own soaps, shampoos, body scrubs, antiseptic solutions (like Dettol), etc. If you’re putting up at a hotel, try to use your own toiletries instead of theirs. You must also carry a separate towel for you and your kids.

Keep Your Kids Away From Play Areas

Whenever kids spot see-saw, swing or rides alike on the way, they curious to run towards the place. But remember, coronavirus can spread from surfaces. Hence, it’s best to keep them away from these rides.

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