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When you are traveling in a large number of groups, hiring a minibus is the right choice to travel. Hiring a minibus with a driver has many benefits from saving your money to making your journey more comfortable and relax. Tejas Tours and Travels have gathered a list of all the advantages of traveling by minibus with a driver. When you need a minibus for taking a tour with your family or need it to tote the group of members for an official conference outside your city, attain our services! Tejas Tours and Travels is a privately owned and professional company based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. We also offer Mini Bus Rental services and our rents are extremely reasonable. Mini Bus Rental is the right choice for groups of people who wish to travel for long and short trips.

Minibus hire is commodious

If you and a set of the group are traveling someplace, whether it is to the outstation or just on a day out, minibus rentals can be the best option. No one desires to be the designated driver and when you hire a minibus, no one will have to be! You will be able to have a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience. When you hire a minibus with a driver, you don’t need to worry about planning your journey – we’ll find the best route to ensure you end up at you chosen destination on time and as you’re all traveling together you’ll be guaranteed to all come together at the same time, so you won’t have to wait for your whole team to arrive. Also, when traveling somewhere new it can be nerve-racking and costly finding somewhere to park, with a private minibus hire you won’t need to worry about this.

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Yes, Minibus Rental can save you money

Hiring a minibus can seem like a costly option, however, it is very reasonable – mainly when traveling in a larger group. Hiring a minibus is considerably lower compared to other ways of traveling, and although it will cost you more to hire a minibus with a driver – it will provide extra advantages that will make your journey more pleasurable.

If you are planning for a day sightseeing, which can be very easy to spend lots of money on different forms of public transport throughout the day, especially if you want to visit a lot of different places. Minibus Hire with a driver can be very cost-effective as you’ll only have one cost for the whole day.

Hiring a minibus can make your journey more gratifying

Traveling by minibus means that every individual in your party is together rather than traveling separately in different forms of transport. With the stresses of the journey removed it means that you can sit back and enjoy the journey to your destination. Enjoy a journey with more legroom, more space for your belongings, and a more sociable experience with your group.

Better for the environment

Hiring a minibus as your form of transport is not only convenient it is also better for the environment. A minibus rental allows your group to travel together which is a lot more environmentally friendly than traveling in separate cars as it means less carbon emission is released into the atmosphere. When traveling by bus or coach, your carbon footprint is the smallest of all transport modes, including traveling by train and plane.

Mini Bus Seating Capacity Minibus rental service in Bangalore is quite free and simple. The different types of Minibuses with different seating arrangements are listed on Tejas Tours and Travels, the amenities and rates vary from one Minibus to another Mini Bus which is completely depending on their types such as AC and Non AC. The seating capacity of Minibus in Bangalore available for rent are:

Why Tejas Tours and Travels?

  • We have well-maintained fleets along with good route is known & experienced drivers for your trip
  • On-time pickup and drop with Bangalore to a minibus for hire in Bangalore
  • 24/7 customer support and GPS Tracking

We offer hassle-free online Minibus booking in Bangalore providing an easy booking process and incomparable customer support. Pleasant interiors, Comfy Seats with Neat covers. Hiring a Minibus at Tejas for outstation tours at affordable prices makes your journey more remarkable. Traveling in a clean Luxury Minibus would keep your spirits high and makes you enthusiastic about your travel plans. Rent a Minibus online for various occasions like picnics, excursions, weekend getaways, corporate events and etc. Minibusses are the best traveling alternatives for groups of people having 14 to 25. The important reasons being that we Tejas Tours and Travels are continually attempting to search for the comfort more leg space when you are traveling. We have both AC and Non/AC types of a minibus on rent in Bengaluru, we have complete maintained staff before we execute the vehicle. Tejas brings a fleet of Air Conditioned and Non-Air Conditioned Mini-buses manufactured by SML and Force where many operators prefer to operate these vehicles.

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Note: We are requesting customers to read all our Tejas travels terms and conditions before booking the vehicle.

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