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Rent a car to avoid the risk of COVID-19

Is it risk-free to hire a car during Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Practically speaking, nothing is more essential than the health and upbeat of our customers. The COVID-19 coronavirus continues to interrupt daily life across the city and states of our country, leaving many people questioning about effective ways to protect themselves and keep cleaning the places we use regularly. Although there is enough information on general hygiene, there is less specific information on what you should do about a vehicle you’ve rented or hired, a ride-share vehicle you have just believed into, or even your own vehicle. We Tejas Tours and Travels assure you what needs to ensure your safety and help you book with trust.

Everything which comes into contact with a number of people can be a possible source of Coronavirus infection. Car rentals are one that people might not have considered. Few travel operators are taking additional steps. In a statement, the rental company Budget agreed to “enhance the techniques used to clean our vehicles after each rental”. Drivers and passengers both should carry hand sanitizer for frequent use. Portable antimicrobial wipes help as well. In a situation where travelers are systematically getting in and out of shared vehicles that is about the best, you can do. The passengers should ensure to desist from touching surfaces and avoid touching their faces to be more secure and safe. Today, many governments are notifying people to keep social distance by avoiding public transport and driving, cycling, or walking instead. Cars in particular are a very private type of transport, a socially distant way to get where you are going. When it comes to rent cars, rental operators like us have committed to the highest standards of hygiene. We brought in all kinds of safety measures and precautions to reduce the risk of transmission at every point from the moment you reach the rental counter to the moment you drop the key off.

In the car, neatness has always been important. But today, rental companies have taken it to the complete new level. The companies are making clean cars after every rental, especially the ‘high touchpoints’ such as seats, door handles and steering wheels. And companies will also quarantining any cars which may have come into contact with Coronavirus. The car rental industry is doing everything it can to help customers who need to change an upcoming booking, or who fall ill during their rental.

COVID-19 protocol trained drivers to drive you safely in the comfort of your own car!

  • Usage of protective gear while on duty – masks and hand sanitizers
  • Trained on social distancing measures
  • Adherence to guidelines laid down by Ministry of health & family welfare (MOHFW).
  • Aarogya Setu mobile app enabled

In general survey reassuringly depicts us that the wider car rental industry is taking this health crisis most seriously and implementing steps to ensure that people are guarded against the risk of catching Covid-19 to the best of their ability.

Thank you for your co-operation in these challenging times!

Together we will emerge stronger out of this crisis.

Stay safe & maintain social distancing.

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Note: We are requesting customers to read all our Tejas travels terms and conditions before booking the vehicle.

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