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Nothing makes a road trip more comfortable and fun as much as a charter bus rental. Family get together to any reunions, group trips are great chance to explore the world with the people you love. They also have the potential to be planning messes in terms of scheduling, decision-making and list-out finances coming together in a apparently endless and possibly disappointing embrangle. However, they don’t have to be. We Tejas Tours and Travels come up tips and tricks to help you to plan your next group getaway or sight-seeing tour, endlessly allowing each one from the group to focus on the fun, not the logistics. Most people don’t rent a vehicle every day. We are sure that a vehicle rental is the safest and most cost-effective way when traveling in a group.

To select the right vehicle, all you need is your group size, distance to be traveled, and preferred amenities required in a vehicle. Note that down, and we’ll help you select the right vehicle to match your trip requirement. Whenever you’re ready, give Tejas Cabs / Cars / Tempo Traveler / Mini Bus / Bus on rent a try and get a quote with few clicks. We will guide you through planning your trip with our bus hire service. The safety and comfort of passengers are essential but being eco-conscious is also important. With vehicle rentals, your party uses fewer vehicles, produces fewer pollutants, and uses less fuel compared to driving individual cars.

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Less stressful

With a larger space and more seat capacity, everyone can comfortably sit, unwind, and take photographs while the hired driver makes sure that you arrive at your destination safely and on-time.

Safe and Secure Travel

Road safety is always a top priority for any traveler. Driving alone and driving with friends are two different things as the latter can cause more distraction and place more lives at risk. With a vehicle, you are safe in the hands of a trained and experienced driver. Their buses’ built-in GPS and personal experiences would also give them an advantage when it comes to knowing the safest and best routes. Covid Travel Safety: https://blog.tejastravels.com/safe-journey-with-tejas-tours-and-travels


Some tours offer movie viewing to make the ride more enjoyable. Creature comforts like restroom breaks, air conditioning, and extra-legroom are must-haves on a long trip. However, when you’re travelling in a group the mere logistics of it is difficult to manage.


Sitting down for an hour is an easy task. However, long trips in a cramped vehicle can cause stiff neck and leg cramps, making it an excruciating ordeal. A vehicle has ample room and, with the right amenities, can make your trip more comfortable. Cushioned push back seats, cool air conditioning, you can relax or chat away with your friends or family until you reach your destination.

Opportunity to bond with the group

Road trips are most fun when it’s spent with ice breakers and car games. From sing-alongs, trip Bingos, I spy, and endless chats, bus services are the perfect environment for these activities. You can’t do these games in a regular car setting, but with larger vehicles, you get to bond with other passengers more. You can snack comfortably, snuggle up with your friends, and watch movies as you wait.

Sticking to schedule

No one wants to get stuck in traffic during their vacation. Getting stuck on the road lessens the amount of fun time that you deserve. The main cause of these delayed departures are missed schedules and uncoordinated trip itineraries.

Lower than other modes of transport

Using multiple vehicles for your trip is not only more expensive but it’s also more harmful to Mother Nature. Using more fuel, emitting more smoke, and producing more waste.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to book the best vehicle rentals in bangalore and make your experience so much easier and more fun!

Benefits of hiring vehicles from Tejas Travels

  • Multiple seating choices for any set of group of passengers
  • Kilometer reading starts and ends from garage to garage
  • 1 day trip and 8 hours 80 km with driver
  • Online booking facility available
  • Ample cabin luggage space
  • Separate spacious luggage compartment in the boot
  • More leg space for the young and the elderly
  • Can add more stops and pick up points without any hassle
  • An audio system provision
  • AC and Non-AC options
  • Well planned aisle space and comfortable seating
  • Clean and verified vehicles
  • Transparent billing and affordable tempo traveller price in Bangalore
  • GPS tracking system fitted in our vehicle for security purpose
  • First aid kit is easily accessible in the tempo traveler

Hence, it is always suggested to hire the best service provider for booking a well facilitated tempo traveler for a trip in group. Booking need to be made in advance for such vehicles as demand is too high and corporate book such vehicle in large numbers for their corporate pickup and drop services.

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