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Our company during COVID 19 outbreak

We Tejas Tours and Travels, Bengaluru’s largest intercity Car/ Cab/ Tempo Traveler/ Mini Bus/ Bus Rental services provider, promising our customers with reliable and professional chauffeur driven cab services. With us, a road travel is the top most picking up ways to travel around Karnataka and other neighboring states of India. There is always better things to look at, something to must explore and to get it experienced. Tejas aiming to make sure you have a great experience too.

The travel and tourism service industry has been eradicated by the high impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. All countries are actively combating the deucedly virus. Medial expertise and pharmacy industries are now also anticipating to rebuild and reappear from the crisis. The complete recovery process for the travel industry will be rarified and prolonged.

Below are some of the key metrics about COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Crossed 14.2M confirmed cases around the world.
  • Almost 602K+ deaths recorded.
  • Number of recovering cases from symptoms over 8.8M. The rest of the people are either under observation or quarantine.

NO CHARGE for Cancellation in Pandemic Situation | Postpone Your Travel

  1. Customers who booked in this pandemic situation can cancel the trip without any charges?

 Yes, customers can cancel no extra charge

2. Customers who booked vehicle can postpone the trip?

–  Yes.

Making the decision to cancel or postpone your plans is not always an easy one. Events happens for some reasons and we all play an important role in defining needs and giving your participants the opportunity to connect face-to-face. Unfortunately, there are times when cancelling or postponing your event is the only option. In these crises, it is very important to know how to clearly communicate all these changes to your presence, and how to shift your plan to adjust for the change in events. If you have to postpone or cancel your trip during in this circumstances or to avoid any unwarranted risk, here’s what you can do.

Few points before opt services with Tejas Tours and Travels.

  • Passengers traveling for any purposes must have need to check the conditions of Cities/States before opt for booking.
  • e-Pass must applied with as per Government guidelines and copy of e-Pass should be carried out for hassle free services.
  • When the night curfew is enforced between 10:00 PM to 05:00 AM across India (varies by state but more or less applies in all states), customers should plan their travel consequently.
  • While we keep on update this information often, all mentioned things still remain very dynamic and we cannot assure that the situation will not change from the moment you book to the time you travel. What we can assure certainly is that, we will try our level best to facilitate your travel in the safest way possible.
  • Tejas have realigned the number seating capacity of the vehicles to meet Covid-19 new normal situation, as per Government guidelines. Please visit Tejas official website for more information or contact Tejas customer care support for any questions or clarifications.


You may cancel the booking 24 hours prior to the time of journey, without any cancellation charges for all services.


If you are eligible for refunds based on the “Cancellation and Returns” policy, then the refund will be remitted back to you in 5-7 working days. In case of any issues, write to us at info@tejastravels.com or call us at 91 99802 77773.

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