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How to Maintain My Vehicle in Good Condition When I Am Away

Are you worried about sudden Breakdown of your vehicle, even though you do periodically services? Leave your tension in one side and think only execute your plans, it is encountered to many of us and many times. You might have kept your Two or Four wheelers vehicle idle for a long period of time, be it for an extensive vacation or you are going outstation trip and unfortunately, you unable take it with you right away, and later find it noticed it to have the vehicle would been given to service just to get it running fine. It is always likely to avoid the issues to certain level, if you follow to take the correct steps. Here are few important tips on how to keep your vehicle in garage, parking lot to maintain properly, so that you are not required investing more on vehicle service.

vehicle maintenance

1. Electric Battery overhauling

It is good to get rid of the battery if you are leaving away for a long period of time. Also, blot mineral jelly or grease on the terminals points and the wire ends to prevent from rust proof. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and water is in top level. Keep the battery in a cool and dry area, and away from sunlight.

2. Do not mesh the handbrake when you leave

Holding the handbrake over an extended period can result in the brake shoes getting clunk to the discs or drums. If this occurs, you will be in some problem the next time you drive the vehicle. The clever thing to do would be to use wheel wedges, it could be a piece of wooden or even a brick which will keep it from rolling and leave the vehicle in first gear.

3. Maintenance of Spark plugs

When you keep vehicle unused for a long period, it is better to remove the spark plugs and also, ensure to spray a little bit oil into plug holes before inserting the spark plugs back. This will help to secure the insides of the cylinder head rusting and keep away the rust and moisture. You can also use fuel additives that give safety layer to the insides of the engine. However, do it only if you are very comfortable handling the mechanics of the vehicle.

4. Parking Inside or Outside safety

If you are having a unique place to park your vehicle inside, then it is advisable to park your vehicle indoors. Yes, it is safer and cleaner too. If you have only option to park your vehicle outside of your residence, buy a quality outdoor covers. Ensure to purchase one made for your vehicle model or vehicle type. Also, avoid using the cover indoors as this will ensure any dust that is left inside will absorbs faster, particularly in wet weather condition.

5. Clean the interiors before parking the vehicle

This might be add-on the obvious, however we are going to suggest you anyway. People tend to leave trash in vehicle, including cookies wrappers (with bites inside), newspapers, water bottles, etc. All of these are worse and pull insects that can damage floor liners, leather seats, seat covers and wiring. Keep clean the interior neat and spray a little freshener.

6. Brim the fuel tank

It is one of the major issues of leaving a vehicle unused and this leads to rusting inside of the fuel tank. The best solution to prevent this is to fill up vehicle with quality petrol, and add fuel additives. This will help you to keep away dust free tank and also, ensure the fuel tank is locked the right way.

7. Prevent Flat Tires, Keep your tires inflated and avoiding rough streets

The flat tires on roads are extremely very dangerous. Check your instruction manual or the label on the inside of the driver’s side door and keep your tires inflated to the advised pressure. It will wear evenly, and you’ll get maximum fuel efficiency. Check the tire pressure and ensure the tires are at the correct pressure. Tire tread can wear more quickly from fast starts and sudden brakes. When you notice about uneven tires, it is better to change it as quickly as possible. You might usually find sharp nails, screws and broken glasses on roads, so it is better to take diverts and avoid the possible risks.

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