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Mahalaya Amavasya (Pitru Paksha) – A Pilgrimage Trip

Mahalaya Amavasya (15 lunar days of Ancestral practice) is a very crucial time of the year to fulfill Tarpana (Offering water to died ancestors) for your grandparents on the father’s side and on the mother’s side. The word Maha means large and laya means end, the Amavasya is known as the no moon night. This year 2016 to perform Tarpana for your ancestors is coming on 30th September.

Hindu mythology says every single person who wants to do Pitru Tarpana that must have done in the same day of your ancestor died which will come down within any of one of these fifteen days. During Pitru Paksha, the rite of Tarpana is performed for the souls to rest in peace and some special offerings are made for their contribution to your life, and prayers are made for peace for their souls. Their choice food is black sesame (Kappu ellu in Kannada) seeds added with pure water, tulsi leaves, sandalwood paste and some coins, sacred darbha grass with sincere cultism. The final day of Pitru Praksha is known as Sarvapitri Amavashaya or Mahalaya Amavasaya.


Places: Srirangapatna, Triveni Sangama (Kudala) and Talakaveri are the famous and best offering places near to Bangalore (Karnataka) where to execute Tarpana to your ancestors. Rameshwaram is the next best option in south tamil nadu.



This is an island city is of the great spiritual, ethnical and historic importance. The town is situated in Mandya district of the Karnataka state. You can reach the place by travelling about 125 km (approximately 3 Hours) from city of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Srirangapatna is placed in the banks of Cauvery or Kaveri River (Large Indian River) is about 3 kilometers in length and 1 kilometer width. Hindu god Sri Ranganatha swamy temple which influences the small town and identifies the Srirangapata is one of the important places.

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Paschima Vahini


This vacationist place is located 3 kilometer (Just 5 minutes by Car) away from Srirangapatna, in Mandya district. Paschima in Kannada which means west and Vahini means that runs towards the west. The Cauvery river in this area from west direction and connects Sangama which is near Nimishamba temple. Many people come from different states to this place to immerse the ashes of the departed of their family. The national father Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed on 12th February 1948 at Paschima Vahini by Kyasamballi Chengalaraya Reddy the first Chief Minister of Karnataka state.

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Triveni Sangama (Kudala in Kannada) near to Bhagamandala


This holy spot is in the Talakaveri and is 8 kilometer down hill. It is the meeting of 3 sacred rivers Kaveri, Kannike and Sujyothi. On the banks of these 3 rivers is located the Bhagamandala temple is a sacred place in Kodagu district of Karnataka. It is situated on the river kaveri in its upriver extends. The pilgrims proceed to Talakaveri only after given offering worship at Bhagamandala. The place is notable for giving puja and pind dana for your grandparents.

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Talakaveri is the temple down which broadly counted to be the origin of the river Kaveri. It is situated by Brahmagiri hill near Bhagamandala. Talakaveri is about 48 kilometers away from Madikeri (Mercara) and about 235 kilometers from Bangalore, Karnataka.

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Rameshwaram is the municipality town in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamilnadu, India. It is an important for many Hindus as a pilgrimage to Varanasi is considered to be incomplete without a pilgrimage to Rameswaram. Ramanathaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Shiva (The Fire God) is located island. It is also one of the twelve Jyothirlinga temples, where Lord Shiva is idolized in the form of a Jyotirlingam (pillar of light).

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