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Going on a vacation and coming back home without any gifts for family, friends is not a good idea. Having family, children, spouse, you cannot enter your home without bringing gifts for them. You must take your time and roam around shops to find out what to buy for gifts. Shopping can’t be boring for everyone as some people don’t like roaming here and there in the market. But women love to do that whether it’s for themselves or for others.

Here in this article we have made your search easy with plenty of useful travel gifts that you can bring back home from a trip and make your family, friends happy. We hope this will help you to get some gift ideas.

 One of the most important rules when traveling is to leave room in your suitcase for all your clothes, memorabilia and other fond memories that you take with you along the way. Whether your adventures take you to beautiful natural landscapes or vibrant cultural hubs, you’re sure to find plenty to take home with you. Perhaps the only thing better than finding a great keepsake for yourself is the perfect gift for your loved ones. What glorious possessions will you give your loved ones when you return home?

Here we have listed some of the travel gift ideas to gift some.


Jewelry as you know it’s a women’s best friend and the best travel gift for women. Wherever you go any place in India or foreign countries you will definitely find a jeweler shop everywhere. There will be plenty of beautiful options for you to just go and grab say for example earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants, anklets, and so on. You may find handmade jewelry in some places they sell handmade jewelry as their traditional jewelry. Places like Florida, huwai, etc. Where you will find tropical jewelry made of shark teeth, and shells which looks very pretty. Jewellery is love for every women and best travel gifts for women.

Jewellery design from the Industrial arts of the Nineteenth Century (1851-1853) by Sir Matthew Digby wyatt (1820-1877).


 Pottery is not only a great travel souvenir, but also one of the unique travel gifts for friends or family. These handicrafts come in many shapes and colors and are often unique to the region visited. Because the pottery is often made by local artisans, it ranks 7th on this list (handmade by local artisans). Buying them will give you a nice souvenir by supporting local artisans. Art and craft being a great travel gifts for couples.

brown clay pot


 Whether it’s a national costume, a football shirt, a t-shirt printed with the country you’re visiting or something completely different, country-specific clothing is a useful souvenir you won’t find in any other country. Say for example, a longyi (traditional Burmese wrap skirt) that is made in Myanmar, which is one of the favourite travel souvenirs.

assorted color clothes


 When you are abroad you will probably find many stylish accessories that you will not find in your home country (or anywhere else in the world). For example, scarves, hats, bags, and socks can be useful keepsakes. A best travel gifts for women, for your wife, sister, mother, etc.  A travel scarf is a must have for every hiking girl. They are not only fashionable, but also a great practical accessory.

black and gold colored analog watch with leather strap


Headphones considered as the best luxury travel gifts for women and men, as every use headphones during travelling or anywhere to enjoy music, videos, etc.  Away from disturbance as in bus, trains are crowded place where you can use noise-cancelling headphones.

Below we have crafted a list of useful travel gifts and best luxury travel gifts for you to gift your loved ones and bring from a place you have visited.

black corded headset


 Although expensive, pashmina is one of the best luxury travel gift to bring home from Kashmir. In the local language pashmina is called ‘soft cold’ and is manufactured in Jammu and Kashmir. Pashmina is made from the wool of three species of pashmina goats, and hand spun fibres which gets softens over time. One can gift pashmina shawl, scarf to their loved ones.

a woman wearing a hoodie anda scarf in the desert

Himachali Caps

 This is what you must bring back from India to remember this culturally rich country. Himachali caps as the name suggests where it belongs and tradition of the place. To show respect and honour to someone the people of Himachal Pradesh gift them their traditionally worn himachali caps, made of wool and has beautiful colourful stripes design in it.

couple smelling flowers

Aipan Files and Files

 If you have ever been to Uttarakhand, you know how attached the people of this state are to their traditional Aipan art. Aipan, mostly played in the doorway or backyard on Diwali, remains an important part of the Uttarakhand festival. The people of Uttarakhand makes Aipan on canvas to promote their traditional art. It can be a perfect gift for your brother, father so that they can use it.

Pearl jewellery

 It is believed that the Nizams were partial to pearls. They love this precious stone that they turned Hyderabad into the hub of pearl dealings. You can find variety of such pearl across the city. Whether your wife, mother, sister or any other women they will love such precious gift as it is the best travel gifts for women. One can bring loose pearls that can be fitted to any rings, pendants, necklace, or any jewelry of one’s choice.

gray peal earring

There are so many useful travel gifts that one can bring back from a trip. Some places are known for their delicious sweets so one can bring the famous sweet that is mostly consume the people of the place. You may have seen keychain with the symbol or mark of a place one can gift it to their friends as a unique travel gifts. Whenever any member of the family or some friends went for a trip then everyone ask them to bring gift for them and you cannot come back home without buying anything for them. so, in order to fulfil your this need Tejas tour and travel who will guide you to the local shops, gift shops, and some famous art and crafts of the place so that it can be easier for you to have it. and if you keep thinking what to buy, from where to buy then you will stress yourself so better when you will go to shops you will see endless gift options and you can buy accordingly.

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