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Car and Bus Rentals for Wedding

Car and Bus Rentals for Wedding

Hiring a luxury car or luxury bus for your wedding or party will ensure your day is extremely special. It’s the perfect way to get together one of life’s great moments and give you remarkable memories full of pride and joy. Weddings in Bangalore are a little understated compared to what we see in another part of the Karnataka state. However, modern Bangalore weddings are catching up with the trends of other metro cities and evolving to be more elaborate. The peak season for weddings in this southern metro is usually between February and March, and then again between September to December.

The Green City gives lots of open spaces for the events and celebrations with banquet halls offering exciting packages with exotic and innovative wedding decorations, themed events, and much more. Tejas Tours and Travels has begun its very own wedding car or bus rental category in Bangalore. Looking to be better each day, we have introduced wedding car rental services in Bangalore that will take care of all transport-related requirements during the gala event. Rent wedding cabs from Tejas and let us own the transportation responsibilities while you enjoy with your near and dear. Here are a few useful tips for renting cars and buses for a wedding:

Decide which type of Transportation to Use for rental

Indian weddings lean to have many guests, and the number of guests you’re planning is an important point in deciding the type of vehicle or vehicles you need. A bus can be very convenient since it can carry more people but you might want to consider other options as well. Transportation rental services offer other types of vehicles also for such events. You can go for SUVs, Vans, Tempo Traveler, or even minibusses as long as you are on a budget and the vehicle guarantees your guests’ safety and comfort. It is to be noted that these vehicles can only carry a few people so you might need to hire more than one.

Booking your transportation early

Once you’ve decided your wedding date, ceremony location, and reception, and how many guests are coming, it’s time to book your transportation. Booking ahead is especially essential if you’re planning on exchanging vows during peak wedding season, which tends to be from April to June. It is best to book up to six months ahead of time. This will give enough time for rental account executives to team up with you and/or your wedding planner to ensure that all aspects and details of your transportation needs are taken into account for the special occasion day.

Plan the Itinerary

Right planning always helps in the smoother execution of everything especially if it is regarding a big event. Identify in advance which areas will be covered, the roads, the kilometers, and the destinations. Be sure to consider the travel time and the fuel consumption as well.

Account Transport Costs

If you start planning early, you can consider different transport agencies and get the best deals for wedding bus hire. Last-minute bookings invariably end up making a hole in your pocket. Every company will have a minimum four-hour rental limit for weddings. It would help if you calculated the time from pickup to the end of the reception to see what the costs will add up to. Remember, the prices will vary depending on the city, the size of the bus or car, and the facilities within (like mobile charging points or a mini-refrigerator to carry iced drinks). You should make sure the pricing is transparent; any extras, like a daily driver allowance, are clearly mentioned at the time of booking.

More Tips

The best way to ensure your wedding transportation is done right and that there are no unpleasant wedding-day surprises is to do it yourself. Take the time to meet the rental service provider in person and take a few minutes to scope out the vehicles. Once you’re ready to move forward, here are some essential items to include in the contract:

  • Date, time, and venues
  • Pickup and drop-off addresses
  • The number of buses and cars, along with the type
  • Number of hours/ days of rental
  • Amenities
  • Deposit amount
  • Driver allowance and tipping policy
  • Full billing amount including taxes
  • Cancellation and refund policies

To take care of everything, it is better to reach out to a reliable service like Tejas Tours and Travels to lighten your burden of wedding transportation.

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