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Why booking online is safe

Why booking online is safe, after Covid19 outbreak?

An online booking system offers extreme convenience.

The COVID-19 outbreak has posed unexampled challenges for both travelers and service providers. These days, most people are very comfortable with booking online. The tourism industry has seen major changes in how people are traveling? As a matter of fact, the ability to hire cab services online is expected from travelers. As we see, mobile phones and WiFi are omnipresent, more and more travelers are prefer-it alone. They like that they can have the freedom to find out things as they go and not stick to a schedule of departures and tryst. They can find information about a place on their cell phone in an instant and book their stay, find a tour or activity, and check to see what is in the dish they are about to eat.

Online car/cab booking looks to be the right way to hire vehicle post-COVID-19 pandemic. There are few new apps to online healthcare and grocery-order services, India now experiencing a great digital transformation since the Coronavirus outbreak, which was begun in the month of January 2020. Standing in a queue and waiting, witnessing the crowd, and physical transactions do not seem to be healthy ideas. The online bus booking system allows you to prefer the most suitable traveling option from your home without breaking social distancing norms. Let us see some more reasons for hiring cabs online post COVID-19 pandemic!


Social distancing is an important safety measure to contain Coronavirus spread, online cab booking assures you to opt for a journey without being in a crowd. Also, the trouble of standing in a queue at the booking counter, the agent’s office awaiting your chance is not a factor anymore.

The right thing about booking a cars/ cabs/ TT/ Mini Bus or Bus from Tejas Tours and Travels online vehicle hiring which accompanies a customer care service and often includes the necessary support by our helpline numbers for any questions. Customers are requested to reach out to our customer care representatives for any doubts or clarifications, which is highly expected in the post-COVID period.

Coronavirus concerns push new interest in cashless payment since COVID19 could be transmitted by handling cash. To encourage touchless and eliminate most possible human contact, booking a cab by paying online through cards or UPI, which is the best solution. Eliminating the way cash transactions can help to reduce the spread of the virus. Tejas Tours and Travels made tracking the buses that are booked online/ offline with the help of GPS tracker facility during the time of unprecedented events.

Booking your vehicle online, not only saves your time but also it is a healthy practice to make sure your travel is safe. Tejas tours and travels always believe in keeping you connected and gives the best travel services with high priority. Tejas has an online booking facility for Car Rentals, Bus Rental, Minibus (Mini Coach) rentals, Tempo Travelers (TT), SUV’s and MUV’s for hire. The company has its head office at Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka state with multiple branch offices. Tejas cab service has also taken steps to ensure the ride is not only comfortable but also safe for the passengers.

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