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Best Waterfalls Trip in Karnataka

Karnataka state has been blessed with various natural beauty as well as an artificial wonder. The merging of green hills station and mind-blowing rivers have taken place for a number of waterfalls in Karnataka. It is the best waterfalls destinations in India and it is also referred by national as well as international vacationists every year. Quite a few waterfalls are a tempting location to see throughout the year when a few are seasonal brightness that awakes during the monsoons season. Those who like to experience the beauty of the waterfalls in India, Karnataka is the right and best places. The beauty of the esoteric waterfalls in Karnataka state pulls tourists from all around the world. We Tejas Tours and Travels will bring to you a list of the waterfalls trip in Karnataka. This blog consists of topmost and must-visit waterfalls in Karnataka, arranging from the abundant Western Ghats add to the natural beauty of the place. At the onset of the monsoon season, these falls look to be even more magnificent. We Tejas provide a wide range of vehicle selection for all our customers to have a great and memorable journey. Tejas Tours and Travels is a highly responsible tour and travel service provider in the market place, which provides a transport service for the cheapest price rate and deliver high-class travel. Visit our website at www.tejastravels.com for any enquiry or bookings.

balmuriBalmuri Falls has located 130 km from Bangalore and 16 km from Mysore. If you are not yet visited the Balmuri Falls ever, then your first visit you feel that you have seen it somewhere before. It is because Balmuri Falls that has been the backdrop for many a song and dance sequences in various Kannada movies. It is for a picnic or a daylong getaway from Mysore or Bangalore. It’s a man-made waterfall that is caused due to a check dam built across the River Cauvery. When the water overflows the check dam, it forms a long and lovely cascade. The waterfall derives its name from the right turn that the river takes near the site. Bala means right and Muri means curve in the Kannada language. Balamuri is one for the shortest distance waterfall trip in Karnataka. Hire Car/ Cab/ Tempo Travel/ Mini Bus/ Bus with Tejas Tours and Travels to experience the real tour.


Jog Falls, the second-highest waterfall in India and located 400 km from Bangalore city. The Jog falls is suited in Shimoga district and falls from a height of 800+ feet. The main source of the falls is Sharavati River and it is a pleasing sight to see the cascading waterfall from the scissures of beautiful mountains. The nearest city is Sagara, which is easily reachable from both train and bus transport. This waterfall is a cherish location and is an absolute must-visit waterfalls trip in Karnataka. Rent Car/ Cab/ Tempo Travel/ Mini Bus/ Bus for market cheapest rate from Tejas Tours and Travels.


Abbey Falls is located at a distance of about 90 km from Mangalore, the Falls are a unique combination of streams that flow together to form a magnificent waterfall. The pumping waters of this fall flow from the top of rough steep mountains to form a quaint little lake below. These falls make up for a perfect picnic spot and the coffee plantations nearby will surely have you craving some freshly brewed coffee. Hire Car/ Cab/ Tempo Travel/ Mini Bus/ Bus from Tejas Tours and Travels for the comfort and safe journey.


Hebbe Falls is suited in Chikmanglur among the Kemmanugundi hills. Hebbe falls offer visitors a spectacular view. There are two parts in which the fall comes down, which are known as Dodda (Big) Hebbe and Chikka (Small) Hebbe, the former being the major one and the latter, the smaller one. The Hebbe falls of Chikmanglur is a spellbinding scenery. The base of the waterfall is attracted to rocks and shrubs and makes this fall a perfect place to relax and unwind. These falls can be reached by the means of jeeps which are easily available. The jeep ride in itself is quite an adventure owing to the undulated terrain of the region, but the view definitely makes it one of the best waterfalls trip in Karnataka. Book Car/ Cab/ Tempo Travel/ Mini Bus/ Bus from Tejas Tours and Travels for the best travel experience.

irrupu falls

Iruppu Falls (Lakshmana Tirtha Falls) is located in the Brahmagiri Hills, sandwiched between Srimangala and Kutta in Coorg District. Iruppu falls is one of the best waterfalls in Karnataka to visit. The falls down from a height of 170 feet in various stages, amid thick forests. These falls also have a mythological connection with the great Hindu epic, Ramayana. The falls are formed by a stream from Brahamgir Peaks, Lakshmana Teertha, which finally joins River Kaveri. Hire Car/ Cab/ Tempo Travel/ Mini Bus/ Bus from Tejas Tours & Travels for the best waterfalls trip in Karnataka.


Kalhatti Falls is one of the wonderful waterfalls in Karnataka. Kalhatti falls or Kalahasthi falls is just 10 km from Kemmangundi. The fall forms a stunning view as it gushes down from the Chandra Drona Hills from a height of 400 feet. A popular attraction near the waterfall is the Veerabhadreshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Hire Car/ Cab/ Tempo Travel/ Mini Bus/ Bus from Tejas Tours & Travels for the to relax waterfalls trip in Karnataka.

benne hole falls

Benne Hole Falls has located 80 km from Jog Falls and 25 km from Unchalli falls. Benne Hole waterfalls is formed by a tributary of River Anhanashini, amid thick forests that have narrow pathways. Plunging via a gauge and dropping into a huge bed of rocks, these falls have a height of around 200 feet. Get to the top of the falls, enjoy the site of smaller pools, and relax for a while. You can also delight bird watching on the location. Hire Car/ Cab/ Tempo Travel/ Mini Bus/ Bus from Tejas Tours & Travels for the lowest prices to travel from Bangalore.

Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls is suited at a distance of 80 km from Mysore. Shivanasamudra fall is a very much popular fall of the region which is located in Mandya district. One of the most popular weekend getaways waterfalls from Bangalore in Karnataka for couples or groups of families. Shivanasamudra Island segments the River into 2 parts, forming 2 waterfalls, Gaganachukki fall and Bharachukki that collectively form Shivanasamudra falls. The scenery becomes all the more beautiful in the rainy season and can be viewed from the watchtower. Book your Car/ Cab/ Tempo Travel/ Mini Bus/ Bus from Tejas Tours & Travels for the best waterfalls trip in Karnataka.

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