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Why Need to Hire or Rent 2×1 Seater TT and Minibus

Tempo Traveler and Minibuses can be rented for various travel reasons such as business plans, wedding, vacations, corporate events and we Tejas made bookings easy and customer convenient. The customer can able to select many TT’s and minibuses in any types with the seating capacity of 10-25 people. Hire a minibus or tempo to move around within Mysore and Bangalore cities or for outstation travels, you have various choices to book your tourist minibus or TT’s, AC or Non AC coaches, deluxe and luxury types. All the mini coaches and tempo travellers are neatly maintained and highly skilled driver to ensure safety in around of your entire trip.

Difference between 2X1 and 2X2 Seater


What is 2X1 Seat Facility?

Tempo travelers and Minibuses (Mini Coaches) are the topmost preferential vehicles from the customers to roam in and around the cities or outside of the cities. The vehicle is elegant in design to accommodate a small group of people for tours and travels. For instance, the Tempo Traveler 13 seater vehicle includes 9 push backs and 4 regular seats. The 9 push back seats are fitted like 2×1 seating which means 6 seats on the right (driver) side and 3 single alone push back seats in a row which on the left side of the vehicle. The other 4 are regular seater which is located towards the end of the vehicle. Basically, the tempo travellers (TT) mainly have different features like comfort, amenities and best in quality.

Tempo traveller and Minibuses are the best economical choice for group travellers. Tejas Tempo Traveler and Mini Buses are available for hire in all parts of the cities Bangalore and Mysore of the Karnataka state. Tejas tours and travels offer most beneficial 2×1 tempo traveller seater with a various option in terms of types. The pushback seats are well designed and soft leather cushioned to give the comfortable sitting experience.

Advantages of hiring 2X1 Seat Vehicle

  1. It will provide sufficient space for customers
  2. Seat width is bigger in size, where customers can feel flexible and relax
  3. Pathway inside the vehicle is good enough to walk, dance 🙂


Why need to hire TT and Minibus in Tejas Travels?

Sometimes, as a customer may think, how the price values usually have a variance for the same vehicles (tempo travellers)? Here is the answer for those who need to know about it.

We Tejas provide 3 different featured tempo travellers for hire to customers. These 3 types of vehicle, namely known as regular, deluxe and luxury. The price values are the difference only because of the features and amenities available on the vehicles.

The deluxe can opt with or without Air Conditioned (A/C) system and Luxury is completely built-in with Air Conditioned and serene interiors. All other features vary based on the vehicle brand and make. The main advantage of Tejas tempo traveller is all the TT vehicle are built on 2X1 seating layout, where the other tours and travels operators are providing a 2X2 vehicle for the same price which we are offering for 2/1 seater.

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