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18 Seater Executive Luxury Mini Bus – Mini Coach

Very excited to announce that our brand new executive mini coach is now on board…!!!


Do you need minibus hire with a personalized driver to get around?

Are you head master of a large family, or someone who needs a mid-sized vehicle to transport your family or friends? Renting a mini bus/coach is easy with Tejas Travels and we offer many different sizes to suit your needs. Book today to take advantage of everything that hiring a minibus with Tejas travels

The mini bus/coach has 18 push back seats as 2×2 seating with high quality graphic designed leather finish extremely outlined paneling. When you need to travel in between 15 to 20 people, a mini coach is generally perfect and a bus is very big, but renting a mini coach with a professional drivers. If you are considering renting a mini bus, allow yourself as much time as possible to plan, research make reservations, because cost is not the only factor that must be considered. The mini coach gives you the same experience of traveling in the regular buses. Minibuses are used for a unique reasons and hiring is becoming one of the most requirement used from the transportation services. These kinds of fully air conditioned (A/C) buses are very well-situated, safety and relaxed journey the one who travel for long distance or time.


On the top of the quality of the upholstery and smoothness of the engine that keep focus on you on the full time. Tejas tours & travels is the one of the surest and honest name in the tourist traveler and vehicle rental service provider. The vehicle is regularly maintained and carefully checked before your journey begins for the trip which always make sure that you and your family keep safety.

The Executive Mini Bus/Coach has to be very relaxed with enough space for every single person as well as the baggage and it will be in reasonable price. The customized mini bus/coach enclose in many luxurious features and benefits that would make the travelers very happy and enjoyable journey of the travel.

The luxury vehicle has below basic amenities:

  • Leather Fabric upholstery
  • A/C Comfort
  • GPRS tracking
  • Color LED TV
  • 1 surround sound systems
  • Spacious and comfortable push backs and cushioned seating arrangement which also covers head & neck rests
  • Neat & clean seat covers and curtains

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